Research and Demography

Planning, monitoring and evaluation of reproductive health (RH) activities are the key functions of Program, Budget and Demography Section. This section conducts periodic and ad hoc studies and also coordinates reproductive health related research and studies carried out by other organisations in Nepal.

Major responsibilities of this section include:

·     Estimate annual national targets for family planning, safe motherhood and adolescent reproductive health services including family planning acceptors and RH commodities.

·         Carry out regular monitoring of RH and EOC activities 

·        Provide supportive supervision to DHO/DPHO and all levels of health facilities regarding RH services.

·         Conduct periodic and ad-hoc researches and studies on reproductive health focusing on family planning, maternal and neonatal health, safe abortion services, adolescent sexual and reproductive health and female community health volunteer services.

·          Conduct and support piloting of maternal and new-born health initiatives.