PHC Outreach

As envisage in the national health policy 1991, health facilities were extended up to village level. However, utilization of services provided by health facilities, especially preventive and promotive services, has been found to be limited because of limited accessibility. Therefore it was felt that services should be expanded closer to the community. Thus Primary Health Care Outreach (PHC/ORC) services was initiated and established in 1994 (2051 BS).

The aim of PHC/ORC is to improve access to some basic health services including family planning, child health and safe motherhood closer to rural households. These clinics are the service extension sites of PHCCs, HPs and SHPs up to community level. The primary responsibility to conduct these clinics lies with MCHWs and VHWs at SHP level and ANMs, AHWs and VHWs at PHCC and HP level. Other staffs of HP/PHCCs help to conduct the PHC/ORC. With the upgrading of MCHW and VHW, and with upgrade of all SHP the responsibility is being shared with all ANM and AHWs. Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs) and other local NGOs/CBOs support health workers to conduct the clinics and also support in recording/reporting and other support activities.

Based on the local needs PHC/ORCs are conducted every month at fixed locations of the VDC on specific dates and time. The clinics are conducted within half an hour’s walking distance for the population residing in that area.